Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I've been MIA for the last week and a half.
Being a Mama keeps me pretty busy, and of course, that's a big priority!

Here's a little photo essay of what we've been keeping ourselves busy with...

Blueberries for my almost one year old!

The usual household chores. 
This time, fixing a flight suit.

We were privileged to have a dear couple stay with us last weekend 
- their last weekend in Fallon - 
until we meet again in Washington.

We all went bowling on Saturday night.

Ryder was so excited to bowl for the first time!
He actually beat me one game. 

This weekend we had a lot of snow. 
Hooray for our farming friends and for homemade snow ice cream!

Lynden has been growing and learning all kinds of new tricks.

Not only does he crawl just about everywhere he wants to go, he's also pulling himself up.

He also chooses the most inopportune times to spit up - 
like the morning as we were about to leave for the gym. 
And I was even going to be on time for a change!

 One of the highlights of Ryder's week is watching the 
garbage truck dump all of the bins on our street. 

Tuesday morning finds him sitting at the window with his breakfast waiting...
wondering out loud of the garbage man will wave or maybe even honk this week.

I love the little man he is becoming!

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