Friday, November 20, 2015

Operation Christmas Child

This last week, our local MOPS group filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
This week is their national collection week, but there are still lots of opportunities to get involved, and probably a local collection centre in your area that you can get a shoebox to, if you're interested in participating.

I didn't get any pictures of the individual boxes we packed at our table, but our MOPS meeting place is also the local collection centre and here are just some of the boxes packed and waiting to be shipped overseas.

Now that I have little ones, I treasure opportunities like these, when I can teach them to look beyond themselves and encourage generosity. I could see the wheels turning in Ryder's head when he realized that the colourful airplane gliders he helped choose weren't going to be for him.

As we look forward to Thanksgiving next week, I am reminded to be thankful for our life here in America and all of the blessings God has given!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Everyday

I haven't been great about posting much more than once a week lately. 
This everyday life keeps us busy! 

I've been making a concerted effort to not spend a lot of time on my computer and iPhone - I have boys to love and a home to run!

Here are some highlights from the last few weeks...

Everyone is as crazy about Starbucks coffee as I am!

Our MOPS table had a midweek playdate. 
Look 10 children are sitting together and not one of them is crying!!

On our way to the gym in the mornings we drive by an old bridge that was demolished last week. Ryder has loved seeing and pointing out the red digger as we drive by each time. 

One morning we stopped to get a closer look at the digger in motion.

One of our other favourite things is the garbage truck. 
Every week we watch it come down the street one way and then back up the other way.
Ryder has become quite the helper and always asks if he can put the garbage can away. 

And then yesterday a big box arrived in the mail. 
Ryder gets so excited over packages in the mail and delivered by the present truck (UPS or FedEx).
This one was no disappointment. Ryder pulled out all kinds of fun and super cute winter clothes for himself and Lynden - thanks to Mimi!

I'm not sure if he was more excited or if I was!

This morning we made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and Lynden had his first taste of pancake. 
Actually, I think he may have eaten more than all of the rest of us. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Viva la Vagrancy!

Another fun dinner party!

This time we were celebrating a friend's last day of work - with a soup kitchen themed party. 
It was my husband's idea - Ha!

I traded my beloved Fiesta dishes for paper and styrofoam products.
The table was covered in plastic with an industrial size garbage bag taped to the end. 

Another friend made that super fun banner - Viva la Vagrancy!

We drank root beer from paper bags and served saran wrapped rice krispie treats for dessert.

What a fun evening celebrating the end of an era of work and enjoying great fellowship with friends.

Our party favour included those items a soon to be soup kitchen frequenter might find themselves in need of - plus a gospel tract. ;)

Viva la Vagrancy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


This morning we woke up to snow - the first Ryder can remember. 

He had all kinds of questions about how it got here.

As Braden was leaving for work, he tossed a snowball at the window where Ryder was watching while he ate his breakfast. Ryder decided that he needed to throw snow at the window as well. Here is is, on his way, snowball in hand.

We jumped in slushy puddles together.

Found some little pieces of ice to throw and shatter on the road.

Threw the ball and watched Dixie enjoy the snow.

And cheered her on every time she brought it back to us.

It's not much snow, but we're enjoying it!

And Lynden is staying nice and warm inside. <3

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Date Nights - Away & At Home

On Friday night, our plans for a family night went south when Braden found a cabinet maker in Reno who was willing to help him with an important part of his latest project. Since it was Friday night, the rest of us went along for the ride (and Costco & Chipotle). Thankfully there was a park just down the street from the warehouse where the guys were working. 

I just can't get enough of this happy little munchkin these days!
He loved the swing.

Ryder braved the slides on his own. 

And then again with all of the rest of us.

We stayed until dark and then watched Braden finish planing his workbench top.

Then on Saturday night (Halloween) we planned a fun family (minus Lynden) sleepover in the den.

In between trips to the door to hand out candy to the neighbourhood kids, we watched the movie Paddington Bear (Ryder's new favourite!), ate pumpkin pie, and drank warm apple cider.  

It wasn't the most comfortable sleep I've ever had, but Ryder loved staying up late, just the three of us, and sleeping out on the floor together. 

These are the memories childhood is made of!