Friday, April 29, 2016

The Never Ending Project

About 6 months ago I started thinking about what to do for Lynden's first birthday. 
I wanted it to be special and one of a kind.

Many hours on Pinterest later I settled on making him a quiet book.

I found tons of ideas and templates, 
I found a local small business to buy my supplies from, 
and then I got started. 

And now, over 100 hours later (and nearly two months after Lynden's birthday) I'm still at work.

My first two pages took the longest. 
Everything is sewn by hand.

This barn houses 5 different finger puppet farm animals.

The accompanying page gives a space for them to play and have a story told. 

Next was the rainbow.

The colours can be unsnapped and reattached and the cloud is a pocket to hold 
everything when not in use. 

My most recent page has these shoes. 
Everything needs to be sewn down still, then
I need to run out and grab a pair of laces for them.

 And now that I've put all this work into it (with only 4 pages to show), I've come to the conclusion that it's really more Ryder's level than Lynden's. 

 Ah well, I guess that will buy me a little more time to finish a few more pages. 
This truly is a labour of love.

 I'm not sure why all of my projects seem to have this unending quality - but already I'm thinking ahead to the next one:
a new quilt for Lynden once he's promoted out of the crib. 

I'm thinking the next 3 months are going to keep me pretty busy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Making Time For Quiet

It's SO Important!

As a Follower of Jesus.
As a Mama.
As a Wife.

Life can get so chaotic around us. 
Busy, busy busy with no end in sight!
I always have multiple projects on the go: piano lessons to prepare, Etsy orders to complete, 
dinners to cook, people to keep in touch with, errands to run... 

But making quiet time with a priority keeps me fuelled for everything else I do.
So it tops my list.

Earlier in Spring I shared my first devotional of the year by

I love She Reads Truth studies because the focus is on God's word, and not someone's interpretation or feeling about it. 
Lets be honest, my quiet time is limited, so I need to get the goods without a lot of other distractions.

Hebrews was my first study of the year. 

Yes, those are scribbles from my toddler.
After all this is real life!
So much focus on Jesus as my advocate - better than all others before and since.
So much encouragement on the power of faith in the example of others.

I finished Hebrews a few weeks back and began a new study.
It's a Journible.

I had been given this beautiful journal by a sweet friend in 
Washington and somewhere in our move it got lost in the shuffle of books.

I recently came across it and decided to make it my next quiet time Bible study.
Once again, the focus is scripture - Romans.

Writing the words out for better retention.
Studying and then journaling through the text.

So, let me encourage you...
We're always going to have things to keep us busy.

Making time for quiet and study is rewarding beyond the few minutes it takes. 
Fill your soul with truth and be encouraged in every aspect of your life.
It's so worth it!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

1. A New Good Book - 'Give Them Grace'

I'm only just a few chapters in, but already I'm being challenged (in a good way) in my parenting. I want to raise children who hear the gospel constantly and don't just follow a moral code.

We are always to do our best, striving to be obedient and to 
love, nurture, and discipline them. 
But we are to do it with faith in the Lord's ability to transform hearts, 
not in our ability to be consistent or faithful. 
Seeking to be faithfully obedient parents is our responsibility; 
granting faith to our children is his.  pg.53

A bonus was that I had a chance to read out in the sunshine while Ryder played in the backyard this week!

2. Being Active Outside Now That The Weather Is Warmer.

Ryder is loving his new bike and Lynden is tolerating his new helmet. 
Win - Win.

3. Boys Who Want To Be Just Like Daddy

Ryder emerged from our room one morning in 
Daddy's motorcycle jacket and asked me to zip it up for him. 

Not only do I love how much my boys adore their Daddy, 
I love what a godly leader and example he is for all of us. 

4. 40% Off Of One Of My Favourite Brands.

We love our Honest diapers, diaper cream, baby shampoo, lotion, 
sunscreen, shave oil, healing balm, etc. 
Just yesterday I picked up some Honest bug spray (the misquotes are bad already out here!)
which uses essential oils in place of harmful chemicals.

I've been able to get a lot of it at Costco for pretty reasonable prices, 
but 40% off the website and free shipping encouraged me to stock up this week. 

I think this deal continues through Sunday, April 24. 
Check it out for yourself:

5. This Hair!

This big boy is overdue for a haircut, but I just can't get over his sweet curls. 

Tonight is haircut night. 

Those are just a few things that I'm loving this week.

How about you, what are you loving and thankful for this week?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ryder is 3!

I'm a few days behind, but we had company last week and so it's time to play catch up.
On Thursday we celebrated Ryder's third birthday!

Before Daddy left for work in the morning, we gave him his first big boy bicycle.

Our open floor plan is perfect for learning to ride a bike.

In the evening we celebrated with cake and more gifts from family.

This open mouth look is pretty standard for Lynden - little turkey!

Since then we've had tons of live music, games of ring toss,

 a place to keep his colouring things organized,

and countless hours of Lego fun.

Ryder boy, you are a special gift from God.
We love your inquisitive mind, love for learning, and the joy you find in everyday life.
You are our big helper and a super big brother.

We love you Ryder boy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

29 Years

 It feels like we've been in birthday mode for about a month now. 
Lynden turned one in March, Ryder turns three this week, and I had a birthday over the weekend. 

It's times like this that I can't help but think of and be thankful for 
God's goodness to us and the hope the future holds.

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases,
His mercies never comes to an end,
They are new every morning,
Great is your faithfulness.

Braden spoiled me with a trip to Sacramento,and these cheery sunflowers in a new (to me) 
watering can that I'd been eyeing at the antique store.

These are three of my biggest blessings - 
looking forward to a fourth joining us in the coming year!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Biking Sacramento

 We spent an amazing weekend in Sacramento with our bikes. 
It's something I've been wanting to do for a while and finally we found a time when we thought the weather might hold up.

 For those of you waiting for a baby belly picture, here it is!

 These boys were great sports. 

They loved biking along the river, over beautiful bridges, seeing trains, and 
this beautiful old roundhouse in Old Town Sacramento.

We made our way downtown and toured the capital grounds.

Found some pretty incredible food at The Rind.

Our afternoon included old neighbourhoods where be admired beautiful Tudor and Craftsman houses.
I couldn't help but be thankful that I have a partner who enjoys so many things I do. :)

McKinley Park had beautiful rose gardens 

and a great playground for the boys to expend a little energy.

 Ryder even bravely tried a few new toys.

This little guy has no desire to walk yet, 
but he sure makes up for it in personality.

Discovery Park inspired tree climbing and races. 
Ryder loves to run and jump - Oma would be proud. <3

Our last day greeted us with rain. 
Honestly, I think we were a little saddle sore and ready for a break anyway. 

So, off to one last Farm to Table restaurant for breakfast

We rounded out our trip with a little (or a lot, depending on who you ask) shopping.

I'd call it one of my best birthday gifts ever.
Thanks love!