Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Cantaloupe Festival

Did you just do a double take?
There's no mistake. 

On Saturday we headed out to the local 
Cantaloupe Festival for a fun day with the boys.

Thankfully, there were a few things besides cantaloupe.
Like antique tractors. 
This one was just Ryder's size.

And this big beautiful Holstein.

Ryder finally got to pet a bunny.
The wild ones in our neighbourhood are rather elusive.

And balloons for everyone.

Of course, our day wouldn't have been complete without 
cantaloupe ice cream in a cantaloupe bowl.

It tasted better than expected.

And hey, "When in Rome..."
Or Fallon, in this case. 

There's nothing quite like enjoying the small town community events. 
Loving days like these with my boys. <3

Enjoy your long weekend!

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