Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Came Early!

We're so excited to spend the Christmas holidays with family!  

Due to our schedule, Christmas came a little early to the Apperson house this year. After spending his first Christmas without Daddy (unless a terrible Skype connection counts) Ryder took in all of the excitement with relish and many exclamations of 'Whoooooaaaw.'

Opening his first stocking

His stocking revealed all sorts of tools and important equipment that fit in his new little tool box. And already, the hammer goes 'bang' and the pliers pinch and pick things up. Tearing the wrapping paper wasn't hard to teach, unfortunately he felt the need to meticulously pick up each scrap of paper before proceeding. For all of the mess he makes in our home, we do have one particular little boy. 

Here Mom, I found another piece of paper...

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