Thursday, December 4, 2014

Enjoying The City

Ryder woke up this morning without a fever (for the first time in 2 days) and back to his old goofy self.

Yelp found us a great little diner in an out of the way industrial neighbourhood. Then, after a much needed nap, Ryder said goodbye to Daddy, who headed off to work, and the two of us headed out.

In our exploring, we hit the jackpot - a great outdoor mall (shopping for Mama) with an awesome children's activity area (play time for Ryder). As a bonus, there also happened to be a Whole Foods nearby, so for dinner we took a break from eating out and filled up on salad and chocolate milk.

Ryder loved the choo-choo.

The unicorn was a big hit too.
As were all the shiny ornaments on this tree.
We even caught a glimpse of Santa's house - through the palm trees.
Excited for another day of exploring the city tomorrow!

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