Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life with Sickies

Well, just about everything shuts down here when my little guys are sick. Thankfully, they're just about back their old silly selves again - and just in time - we're on a mini vacation!

Thanksgiving was a great time spent as a family and then with friends for dinner. Great except for the fact that I totally forgot to make the mashed potatoes. Yes, you heard me. Our friends had arrived and I was just whisking up the gravy and I realized I hadn't even put the potatoes on to boil! No wonder I had felt like I had so much time.

Life Lesson: When you're hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and feeling super confident and relaxed - you've forgotten something.

Thankfully our friends came bearing tons of delicious sides and no one went home hungry. They did go home with the boys' cold though. :/

One of the things we love about living in a small town is the sense of community.
Last weekend our local high school football team was playing in the state championship! We went with and met up with a few other families from our church to cheer on the local boys.

And what a game it was!
They played well and it was pretty close the whole way through.

Ryder loved it.
Poor Lynden had a fever and just snuggled close.


And we checked one more fun fall activity off of our to do list. 
Love having family time with my boys!

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