Saturday, August 6, 2016

Peach Freezer Jam

Well, week 38 came and is just about gone. 

Tomorrow I'll be into my last week 
- give or take - 
since my 2 big boys both showed up late.

On Sunday we crashed some friends' date and met up with them for a 
matinee of the new Bourne movie. 

I think it's been years since we went to a movie together. 

Then yesterday, our sweet neighbours brought over a big box of peaches from their tree.

There's nothing quite like being 39 weeks pregnant to motivate you to get 
some of those can't wait projects done - just in case.

So this morning I watched Olympic Gymnastics while 
peeling, slicing, and cooking up a big batch of freezer jam. 

Here's the recipe:

We ended up with well over 10 lbs of jam!
All for a just few hours work. 

And now I'm just waiting ever so impatiently for it to cool off so 
I can slice and butter up a thick piece of fresh bread to douse in jam. 

Happy Saturday!

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