Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week 37 and a Freezer Meal Party

This week was #37!
It won't be long now. 

These two cutie pies were on their best big-brotherly behaviour at my check-up this week.

Of course they were well rewarded afterwards.
Their drink of choice is a sample cup of whipped cream.

And for me?
Just a Grande Starbucks Double Shot on Ice.


Being pregnant in this weather is no joke. 

We get out to water the garden and play in the mornings 
and then after dinner we're usually out the door for a family walk or bike ride.

But during the day, we're usually tucked away inside with the AC running.

 I tried a new banana bread recipe this week.
The boys were only too happy to partake.

We attended our 6th baby shower celebration of the summer!

And speaking of baby showers...

In lie of a shower, a few dear ladies from our Bible Study group at church came over this morning and spent hours working in the kitchen, stocking my freezer with all kinds of meals and goodies to enjoy after Baby #3 makes his debut.

A am so blessed to have had these sweet ladies spoiling me!

And if any of you are looking for some freezer meal inspiration that is more than just a cream of chicken soup casserole, here's what my freezer now holds:

(for dear husband)
We omit the onion.


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