Friday, August 7, 2015

Ryder's First Rodeo

Here I am

hot coffee and cookies sitting on the piano bench beside me
screen door open to hear the rain pouring down
computer open

It's one of those mornings where I don't have to be anywhere.
It's a rare 57 degrees in our desert.
Everything that's calling for me (laundry, Etsy sewing, messy kitchen, etc.) can wait.

It's Friday and I intend to enjoy it. :)

Last night I was able to take the boys out to the local Fairgrounds where a church friend was riding in a rodeo. One of the things I love about small town life is just such opportunities for the boys and I to get out and have adventures without having to deal with parking, huge crowds, and long lines. 

Here's beautiful Miss Mackenzie up on Badger.
Ryder loved seeing her and petting that pretty horse.

And she's off!

What's not to love about a kids rodeo?
Ryder was enthralled. 

The fence tasted good too. ;)

So proud of this sweet girl. 

Happy Friday Y'all!

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