Saturday, August 1, 2015

We're In Business!

We're in business!  
Well, the chickens are in business. 

After almost five months of feeding these little ladies, I finally collected 2 eggs this afternoon.

Braden's car headed off to her final resting place.

Unfortunately, the John Deere Implement Store was closed when we stopped by, but that didn't stop us from a quick 'drive' on the gator out front. :)

 We tried a new Asian Butter Lettuce Steak Wrap for dinner tonight. The bright colours on our dinner table tonight made me so happy!  Bring on the grilled tri-tip...

After all of that health food, we needed to fulfill one last category of the food pyramid. Plus, I've been wanting to try out The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake for a while now.  Just in case you couldn't tell, it's delish!

There's enough to share. 
Who's coming?

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