Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pie Time

On Saturday I was at Costco and in a hurry.
Never a good combination!

Anyway, when I got home and put all of my groceries away, I found that the 2lbs of strawberries I picked up were a little more ripe than overripe.

Enter - 
My most recent Food Network Magazine and it's strawberry recipes.

First the crust.

I substituted cold butter for the vegetable shortening.

 The crust recipe was nice and generous, so I didn't have the usual struggle of trying to stretch just a little bit more out of the pastry dough.

Then the crumble topping.

All together.

And baked!
The biggest struggle was waiting the prescribed 4 hours for it to cool completely.

But it paid off, because the strawberry juice didn't run all over the place.
I had an eager first taste tester.

And then after he was in bed, we warmed it up again with vanilla ice cream.

It's a good thing too, 
because I needed a little pick me up after my littlest monkey decided to pull my 
KitchenAid mixer down and break my beautiful glass mixing bowl.

But that's everyday life. 
It's not all tasty pies. :)

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