Friday, May 6, 2016

Play Dates and Playing Host

If you know us very well at all, 
you know that Braden loves to have friends over and I love to be in the kitchen. 
It works out pretty well here because our rental is super open and conducive to large gatherings.

It generally works out pretty well because my 
recipes and experiments are more than we can consume!

This last week I had some local ladies from MOPS and their kiddos over for a playdate. 

There were 13 kiddos and over 20 of us all together. 
The chickens are always a big attraction.

And so, I pulled out a few new recipes I'd been anxious to try.
Since I haven't shared recipes here on my blog for a few weeks, 
I'll include a few photos and links.

It was fun and colourful.
I ended up making a second batch to take to our Bible Study group in the evening.

Also on the menu:

This isn't my picture, my morning got busy and I forgot to take one, but this is one of my favourite baking bloggers and I always love her recipes on Pinterest.

Of course we had coffee, and I had planned to make a big pitcher of basil lemonade before the friends arrived, but mothering a toddler took priority and so I was only able to make up the basil infused simple syrup before everyone arrived. 

Finally today, I juiced some fresh lemons and mixed up the lemonade to have with our lunch. 
My basil has survived on the windowsill for a whole month now - a new record!

Using this recipe
I just made up some simple syrup and then added fresh minced basil 
to steep in it as it chilled for a few hours.

Then came the lemon juice.

Cold water and ice. 

The boys had a ton of fun playing with their friends.
I enjoyed some adult conversation.

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