Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Splash Park Fun

When a friend invited us to join her and a few others at a local splash park on Monday I didn't have a good excuse to say no - other than needing to wash my floors. 

So, off we went and discovered a fun new summer time hangout.

This little fella would have a lot more fun if he would ever learn to walk.

We're getting there...

Definitely not a bad way to beat this desert heat!
Especially since all 5 of us Mamas who were there happened to be pregnant. 

And it just so happened that we found ourselves within a mile of 7-11 on 7-11.
So, on our way home, Ryder experienced his very first 
(and possibly last, considering the sugar high it put him on) Slurpee!

As for today, I don't think I can put off washing my floors any longer.
Especially not after Lynden spilled Daddy's full cup of sweet tea at dinner last night.

 Happy Hump Day from our gang. <3

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