Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Week In Review

These little monkeys have been keeping me on my toes of late.

Ryder was never one to be too adventurous as he learned to walk, 
so keeping up with Lynden has been a learning curve for me.

There's something pretty fun about two mischievous boys though...

With it being baby shower season around here, 
I've finally gotten around to a few more little sewing projects. 

I'm absolutely loving my new sewing machine!

And Lynden hasn't quite figured out how to model my creations successfully yet, 
but we're working on it.

 And then on Friday we packed enough snacks to feed a small army and headed to our church campout a couple of hours away - just for the day.

Ryder had a blast swimming with his little friends. 

 Lynden kept me company nearby...

...and opted for no nap, even in the comfort of the hammock. 

Our day ended with dinner and s'mores.

And these two were asleep before we even made it out of the campground.

Here's to a few more fun summer adventures before Baby #3 arrives!

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