Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Goodbye Old Friend

This week we pulled the plug on Chinequa. 

She had been sitting and suffering in a vegetative state for a few weeks and finally it was determined that she wasn't worth the $ needed to get her back on her wheels again. 

Goodbye old friend.

Lots of memories have been made to include Braden's old red Trailblazer.

Both of our kids came home from the hospital in her.

Ryder learned to drive in her.
Well, sort of...

She collected donations for the squadron homecoming.
And hauled tons of our groceries in her time.

She took us on one last big road trip back home to Canada to see some family and friends.
That coffee sitting on her roof if for my sister, not another date. ;)

And she ended her long life with a lot of attention and TLC from this guy.

Let the minivan hunt commence!

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