Monday, July 6, 2015

We're Back!

On Friday morning we set off on our first camping adventure with kids. 

Later that afternoon we arrived at our campsite on Folsom Lake in California. We were SO thankful for the many shade trees as the temperature soared up to 100 each day that we were there.

Ryder was a big helper as we set up, but mostly just excited about having our bikes there and sweetly asked to go on bike trailer rides. 

Here's the great little bike trailer I found on a community swap page. I forgot our Ergo at home, so Lynden enjoyed the ride all swaddled.

Our camp fare looked something like this. :)

Braden enjoyed some R&R in his hammock, though often with a little company.

Breakfast after a stifling and not so restful night, but everyone was in great spirits.

Ryder loved having Dixie with us and the two of them explored the forest behind our site. There were tons of ground squirrels and we even saw a flock of wild turkeys at one point.

Evenings were filled with playing our new 2 person board game - A House Divided. It's a real winner and even a skunk walking into the middle of our site during the game wasn't enough to stop us. Yes, that was a little alarming, thankfully, some loud noises scared it off without any spray!

The lake was a quick trail bike ride from where our tent was set up. My bike tire had a flat as soon as we arrived, but running with Dixie ended up being a good backup plan and Braden had my tire tube replaced by the afternoon. One of the really nice things about it was that we had a whole beach to ourselves.

Ryder was super brave in the water. Lynden not so much, but he eventually relaxed and enjoyed the cool water.

Swimming was followed by a cozy nap in the bike trailer.

Of course, what's camping without getting a little bit dirty?

We rounded our our trip with a day in Old Town Sacramento. Everything was beautiful and I'm already planning a weekend trip to get back to Sacramento and tour it on bike.

Camping with a 4 month old and a 2 year old was anything but relaxing! Keeping everyone busy, fed, COOL, and happy is W.O.R.K.  But, from my perspective, the fun memories and squeals of joy from Ryder boy were all worth the extra effort. :)

Now to get everything cleaned up...

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