Friday, March 18, 2016

All Things Green

I woke up yesterday with my to do list on my mind. 
But a few minutes into my day I realized that it was St Patrick's Day!

Though I'm not Irish, 
as a Mama I'm always looking for ways to add a little more fun to our days. 

So, after a quick spinach tinted breakfast smoothie, we headed out the door to a local cafe where we were pleasantly surprised to find green frosted cupcakes. 
I think they're called muffins at 9:00am, right?!

We normally try to avoid artificial dyes, but this was an exception.
Lynden wasn't quite so lucky and just had to share my cherry scone. 

Ryder learned how to draw a four leaf clover and followed that up with a beautiful rainbow. 
Daddy was so happy to see his beautiful artwork when he got home from work.

 Second breakfast was followed up by a trip to the library.
I do enjoy reliving my childhood through my boys. 
Bill Peet books were some of my favourites as a girl - I don't know if it was the fun animals or engaging artwork, but I still love most of them.
We chose a few of those and Ryder chose an additional train story to bring home.

Eventually we had to get to a few of those to do things:

Ryder was a great helper with my yard work, picking dandelions for the garbage man.

While the boys napped I was able to finish up two Etsy orders.

 And my rainbow of Fiestaware came in handy to hold macaroni with green peas (and black beans) for a delicious green lunch. 

Sure do love these precious boys and the fun we have!

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