Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Week of the Salad

I can feel that Spring is in the air.
I'm so ready for green, warmer weather, and a break from our winter hibernation.

Last week I decided our dinners needed to reflect the fresh aspect of this upcoming season, 
so I casually called it 

The Week of the Salad.

I'm blessed with an awesome husband who puts up so well with these kinds of crazy ideas. 
And gives great feedback.

Our first dinner wasn't actually a salad, but it incorporated some yummy fresh ingredients and was pretty healthy - basically a salad in my books.

I was in Reno for the day and just picked up a rotisserie chicken that was ready to go.
This was quick and delicious for a super fast dinner prep.

Our next dinner was beautiful.
The picture definitely caught my eye on Pinterest.

with sweet and spicy tahini dressing and sesame child-lime cashews

Isn't it beautiful?

Just a word of caution:
If you're thinking 
'throw a few things in a bowl and toss them together for a quick salad'
like I was,
this is NOT the salad for you

From toasting cashew to boiling and peeling eggs, this is a time consuming work of art.
And I even skipped the fresh mint.
If I had known how long it would have taken I might have skipped out on it.
But a delicious end to all of that work!

Up next was a

This one was delicious and a lot less involved.
Plus, Braden grilled the chicken, so less mess and cleanup for me!

Just because we were eating salads didn't mean we were about to forego our beloved bacon.
Uncured and nitrate/nitrite free, of course. ;)

with corn, feta, and avocado

I mixed this one up and actually swapped quinoa in place of the lettuce, 
adding extra olive oil to the dressing.

It tasted even better as leftovers the next day.
On the menu tonight:

I have a few grilled chicken breasts left over from the weekend to round out the meal.

Who else is feeling like Spring?

Feel free to pass along your fresh dinner inspirations!

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