Friday, March 25, 2016

Keeping Up With Traditions

Holidays always bring with them a lot of memories.
I love sharing childhood traditions with my kiddos at times like this.

The first of which is Paska.

My Mom would make Paska (Mennonite Easter Bread - baked with fresh orange and lemon) 
and then top it with buttercream frosting, jellybeans and shredded coconut. 
Even then, I didn't really love it as a child.

But I do now, even though we only get as far as toasting and buttering it.

Here are my 5 loaves baking in the oven.

It turned out light and delicious.

Don't ask how many of the five are left...

One other family tradition was going out to breakfast on Good Friday.
I guess most Americans don't get the holiday off, but we were still able to get out for a delicious breakfast at our favourite spot before Daddy had to head to work.

This is a tradition we've inherited from my husband's family.
I had about given up on an Easter Egg hunt for the kids this year because EVERY SINGLE EGG made and sold at Walmart, Target, and everywhere else I looked was made in China. 

And then I saw a social media post from my favourite WA toy store - Fairhaven Toy Garden - advertising that they sold American made plant (not plastic) based reusable Eco Eggs.

Thank you Amazon Prime for free 2 day shipping!

It looks like we'll be carrying on this tradition as well, 
and supporting an American business at the same time. 
Double win.

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