Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday At Its Finest

Growing up, Saturday was our day to get things done. 
I still love Saturdays for that reason.

So, after a yummy breakfast of our favourite Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries 
and a morning music practice at church, 
we got busy.

Braden had a friend over and the two of them were out in the shop working on a change table for their new little baby coming soon, so I had the house to myself.

My first project was a Pinterest-type craft that I've been forming in my mind over the last week.

These days it's rare that I don't have a helper close at hand.

And here it is.
My new burlap Easter banner. 

That's what Easter's all about anyway, right?!

Here I have to pause and tell you a little story about what happened yesterday.
I had been working in my sewing room and Ryder was sitting next to me playing with a calculator. 
He pressed the plus (+) sign and was so excited to show me the 'cross' that showed up on the calculator screen.

"Look Mama, it's a cross. 
Just like where Jesus died."

Little conversations like this make my heart to happy.

I finished up the productive part of my day by preparing my garden bins and two big galvanized metal tubs for spring planting.

Fertilizer is in and the soil is turned and ready for planting.

Now if only I could find those herb seed packets that I bought last week...

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