Monday, March 16, 2015

Beginning Another Week

Another week has begun at the Apperson home. Another week with two sweet little sons. Love my boys!

I finally got around to trying a new sandwich bread recipe. My sister recommended this particular recipe from a local (BC) cookbook that was published just a few years ago called 'Mennonite Girls Can Cook.' After my Pioneer Woman cookbooks, this one is my favourite. I haven't tried many of the recipes, but it sure does have an awesome Paska (Easter Bread) recipe and this bread was totally fool-proof - just what I need!

Ryder was an excellent baking assistant and the finished product was the softest, lightest, and fluffiest bread I've ever made. I already have plans to try it with whole wheat flour next time.

Then in the afternoon, I had a few errands to run. I took advantage of Mimi's offer to watch Lynden while Ryder, Pop, and I stopped at a few different shops, including DQ, where we picked up our free small cones to celebrate their 75th Anniversary.

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