Friday, March 20, 2015

Springtime Fun and a Trip to Lake Tahoe

It's hard to believe that another week has ended! Sweet Baby Lynden is now over 2 weeks old. Already, we couldn't imagine life without this little guy.

On Monday Ryder, Pop, and I enjoyed free ice cream cones at DQ while running some errands. Ryder's was especially small, but he enjoyed every lick of his first very own ice cream cone.

When I saw these daffodils on sale at Safeway, I just had to have them. They remind me of growing up in beautiful Bradner with it's daffodil fields and stands. <3  They also remind me of the spring break when I was in high school and decided to pick daffodils at a farm near our house. I was a senior on the basketball team and determined to buy a $300 letterman jacket. But that's another story... :)

We enjoyed what sunshine we got with a few trips to the park. Ryder is becoming more adventurous and daring. After just a few minutes, he was climbing the tall ladders by himself and scooting himself down the slides - and some of them were pretty steep!

We went for a few walks with the grandparents. These mountains are reflecting a beautiful sunset. There's something absolutely breathtaking about this barren desert at sunset.

And then today we packed everyone up (minus Braden, who had to work) and went on an adventure to Lake Tahoe. Here are the boys all ready to roll...

We found a sandy beach with a great view of snowcapped mountains on the north side of the lake. 

 We'll look forward to coming back here during the summer. 

Time to go find some buckets and shovels!

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