Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Like All Good Things...

Like all good things, Grandpa & Grandma Apperson's visit came to an end. 

But before we saw them off to the airport, we had one last fun adventure - this one with Ryder's entertainment as our focus - a morning at the Reno Children's Museum. This was a first for us and we were only able to explore and take advantage of a fraction of the activities due in part to our schedule but mostly because Ryder was so fascinated by the water activity that we didn't get to everything.

and then watch them dump into the mining cart.

They loaded rocks onto the conveyer of a mining activity...

The airplane was a little bit scary.
Playing at the water table with Mimi.
Riding the pony with Mama.

Monday saw a few fun activities as well. Ryder enjoyed watching Jungle Book (well, just some highlights) for the first time.

And I had the bright idea to make these cute little Sugar Cookie Easter Egg Nests that I found on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I had only mixed the wet ingredients together with Little Mister Lynden needed to be fed, and so Mom actually did all the work and here are our cute little treats...

Of course, it doesn't hurt that they're filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs!

We sure are going to miss Pop and Mimi! In fact, Ryder woke up from his nap today calling their names to come and get him out of bed. I ended up being the 4th request. :) So thankful for my sweet in-laws and all the help they were these past two weeks!

Here's our little happy family!

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