Thursday, September 17, 2015

Enjoying the Slow Days

It's not often that a week day ends up feeling like a day of rest. 

I'm just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after being knock-down sick, so today was just what the doctor ordered!

For starters, who doesn't want to wake up to this sweet face? 

He doesn't always wake up this cheery, but I've found out that if I hear Lynden crying after a nap and send Ryder in to check on him, he'll always be smiling at big brother's antics and squeaky high voice within a few minutes. This morning was no exception.

I call that brotherly love. <3

I quick trip out to the farm stand and Safeway for flour tortillas resulted in a few extra items and forgotten tortillas. Ooops!  

These $2.99 gladiolas were worth every penny though. 
I do love fresh local flowers!

That failed grocery shop was followed by play time outside with my big boy. He is so clever and always coming up with creative ways to get things done. There's engineering in his blood!

I managed to get another Etsy order finished while we were outside.
I have just one more order to complete tomorrow and then I'll be home free this weekend. 
A good thing, because it's booked!

I prepared for and taught lessons for two of my piano students this afternoon while Lynden napped and Ryder played. And, since I have no desire to pack the boys up again and head out, I'm experimenting with homemade flour tortillas for dinner tonight.  If they fail, I'm sure I can at least pull off a taco salad. ;)

This picture wasn't taken today, but it's from Sunday which was also a restful day, so it fits - haha! 
I just had to brag on my baby who rode sitting all by himself for the first time in the bike trailer this weekend. Love these sweet boys!

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