Saturday, September 26, 2015

Garage Sale Fun & A New DIY Project!

Just for fun, I made a list and took the boys with me to a few garage sales Friday morning. It was a great wrap up to the week and just a fun out of the ordinary outing for us. Ryder thrives on new adventures.

The first few were so so.
I found a pair of soft leather John Deere cowboy boots for Lynden to wear this winter. <3

And if the day had ended there, we would have been satisfied.
$1 spent. Tons of fun conversation in the car with Ryder.

But then we happened across an awesome estate sale.
Barns full of old junk, tables laden with a things we didn't even know still existed.

Haha, what a blast! 
Of course, by this time Ryder was getting just a little bit tired and we were in desperate need of a potty, so we snagged a few winners and headed out.

Ryder was so excited about his 'new' metal Tonka cement mixer and roller.
I picked up a few antique Christmas tree ornaments and a vintage beautifully made romper - if we ever have a girl - and no, I'm not pregnant. ;)

All in all, our morning was a great success.
We will definitely be venturing out to hunt for more treasure again soon!

My latest project at home is repurposing an old wooden door that I picked up for free from a girl in town. I have a mirror frame that I tried to paint while Braden was on deployment - big fail! Since the poor mirror has been sitting in a box in our garage, I thought the window frame from the door would be just the perfect new frame for the mirror.

Braden told me I was on my own on this one - I don't blame him!

After a few hours today, I had removed all of the rusty hardware, figured out how to take the window until from the door without breaking anything, got the panes out (I need to think of another project for those!), and sanded everything down.

Pardon the pliers. Ryder was 'helping' me work on this one.

Now comes the fun part. I get to scour Pinterest for ideas on how to refinish it. I'm thinking a nice simple paint job, but could use some colour inspiration too. Once I've got that done, I'll just have to take the mirror to get cut down to fit the frame and then find a place for it. Eek, I can't wait!

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