Monday, September 21, 2015

The Reno Air Races

We enjoyed an awesome local attraction on Saturday thanks to the generosity of Braden's boss. 
The Reno Air Races were a great family event. It is so fun to watch the love of airplanes and flying being passed down from father to son. 

Love those two!

Lynden wasn't quite so excited about the noise the F-15 demonstration made.

 The guys toured airplanes.

Ryder fell in love with a pedal airplane in the private hangar where we were graciously hosted for lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

The car blanket Grandma made for me just comes in handy at the best times. Ryder skipped his nap but had a comfy spot on the pavement to watch the planes race overhead.

These Japanese Zeroes had a whole new significance to me after reading Unbroken earlier this year. What a history we heard as we watched the team fly through their routine.

Here's one up close. 
I can't imagine the fear these planes brought to Louis Zamperini and countless other Americans and Allies during the war.

The final event of the day was the Unlimited Class Race.
I chose that second red and white plane to cheer for - and it won!

And I thought landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier was dangerous! Check out these three planes taking a tight corner at the race - then check out how close they are the the ground. 

I think this may become a yearly Apperson tradition while we're stationed here in Nevada.

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