Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, we didn't quite make a feast out of Canadian Thanksgiving this year, but we were thankful!

What we did do was spend some time together (got to love nap time!) to make a few pies from scratch crust to caramel sauce. These baking (or cooking) dates are some of my favourites!

The Pioneer Woman's Scrumptious Apple Pie is our favourite fruit pie recipe. Pumpkin is a Thanksgiving must-have and we filled the buttery crusts with some pretty yummy ingredients. The apple pie was topped with chopped streusel, chopped pecans, and this decadent caramel sauce. Thanks  Pioneer Woman!

It was fun to have a couple of friends over in the evening to help us enjoy these sweet treats.

And as a result of our pie making date, I've not had to make myself breakfast for the last two days. 

My reasoning is simple:

Vegetable - pumpkin
Dairy - half & half, butter
Protein - eggs
Carbs - flour crust

Breakfast of Champions.
Enough Said.

While Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy my family and eat some delicious food, there's a much greater reason to celebrate. 

God's greatest gift to us is Jesus Christ. 

Without Him we are hopeless.
In Him we find joy unspeakable.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving
Family & Friends!

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