Friday, October 30, 2015

Not Leaving It To The Professionals

I couple of weeks ago I bought our Christmas cards at Costco when they were having a sale. 
Since then I've been thinking about the lack of quality photos I have of the boys. 

I had been planning on taking some while we were at the pumpkin patch last week, but a few things went wrong. With a new memory card and newly charged battery in my camera, I set out after breakfast to get a few pictures in our backyard. 

Ryder was a pretty good sport - he normally doesn't love having his picture taken. 

 Lynden, on the other hand, was overdue for a nap. 
He didn't last long.

 Sweet boy. 

 Then Ryder requested that I watch him 'Go So Fast' on his tricycle. 
This boy is almost ready for a bike!

Out of 117 photos taken, I hope that 1 will be good enough for our Christmas card. 
Haha, I don't know how professional photographers do it!

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