Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year & New Goals

A lot has changed in the last year - for better of for worse!
One of those changes is my perspective on the year ahead. 

For the first time that I can remember, 
I really feel excited about making and tracking goals for myself. 

Not the typical losing weight, spending less, or exercising more - 
but in a few key relational areas.

It's always important to be growing and improving, right?

1. Spiritual - I'm excited to start a new Bible Study program put out by She Reads Truth. I've used the app previously and have been really encouraged by the devotionals and scripture reading plans. I can't wait to study Hebrews this January with my new study guide and journal. I'll be sure to share my experience with it as I go. 

2. Marriage - Even the best marriages can always improve, right?! Braden and I love the little family that God has blessed us with, but all of the business of kids can be a distraction sometimes. This year my goal is to write more love letters to Braden - I did this every week during our first year of marriage and sent them all on deployment with him. We don't have an impending deployment this year, but here's just another avenue to encourage and support my partner.

3. Parenting - Our two boys are SO much work, but bring SO much joy! I love to see how quickly Ryder picks up and remembers things. This year I really want to work on memorizing Bible verses with him. And in general, I want to be less distracted for my kiddos - to look in their eyes when I speak with them, make one-on-one time a priority, and not be too busy for developing their imaginations and sitting down to read stories. 

Well, that's my list.
What's on yours?

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