Thursday, January 7, 2016

My DIY Door Project - Finally Finished!

This last Fall I picked up an old door that was posted for free on a local sell/swap page. 
I didn't really know where it would take me, but I do love getting creative with home projects - especially with Pinterest to give me all kinds of ideas.

Here's my blank slate:

I began by removing all of the hardware and then taking out 
the window frame and two intact glass frames.

I sanded the frame down and painted it white.
It looked terrible!

Ryder was just excited to see himself though. 

I ended up doing a coat of grey and then topping it with white so I could give it a distressed look.
Much better. 

Then I found the mirror from a previous failed DIY mirror attempt. 
Yes, these projects fail more often than not - it seems.

 A local glass shop cut the mirror to size and I had to scrape all of the gunk (paint, paint stripper, and who knows what else) before it was finally clean and ready to go. 

My resident handyman hung it up and we've been enjoying it ever since. 

Pardon the odd angle, 
I didn't want to show off the explosion of toys on the floor in our den. ;)

Ryder even volunteered to be in the picture, which is pretty rare.


The second half of the project was repurposing the matching windows. 

It took me a while to decide which Pinterest idea to shoot for, 
but I ended up with this idea for our front entryway. 

I found a local Mama who customs makes decals for just such projects. 
She printed up our name and anniversary year in no time at all. 

All I had to do was choose a wedding photo and wait for Costco to have it printed.

I am pretty pleased with the results after only about $12 in out of pocket expenses. 

 Welcome to our Home

Now that my door projects are finally complete, 
I'll have to start scouring Pinterest for my next DIY project.

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