Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snow Play

We're loving all of the snow at our Tahoe cabin!

 This was after quite a bit of melting.

Our cabin has been cozy and warm -
the perfect spot for our long weekend retreat.

Ryder has been thriving outside in the fresh air.
The back of our property opened up into the perfect sledding hill.

Braden even made a few runs down on his snowboard, landing the jump and everything.

Then we went on with the usual.
Vanesa helped us colour our Bible story photos in preparation
 for teaching Sunday School this morning.

This is something I love to see.
The guys' Bibles sitting on the table together. 

Love my man and his heart for the Lord.

More time with Mrs Davis before she leaves us for the Pacific Northwest.
I'm jealous!

 And this little character just wants to be like Daddy.
Snowboard boots and all.

Goodnight from Lake Tahoe!

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