Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Week of Purging

We're home and getting right back at it.

This week one of my goals is to do some serious decluttering and purging in a few different rooms.
I started in the office where we have a few too many book boxes stacked - 
boxes that haven't been opened since our move a year and a half ago!

First things first.
I tossed out 48 old magazines ranging from home decor, to running, to recipes.

So much information is online now. 
If I need a recipe, I can browse Pinterest or check out

Ryder found an old pair of swim goggles in the process.

Before long I had a whole box emptied.
It helped that the sun came out and Ryder decided to go entertain himself in the backyard.
Love this little boy's imagination and ability to play on his own!

And then proceeded to fill it with all kinds of other odds and ends that can be donated or tossed -
our ugly Christmas sweaters, a few kitchen items, etc.

So, who else is in?
Who's going to join me in cleaning out and purging this week?!

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