Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Years Goals Check In

We're already almost two weeks into the new year. 
While the boys and I survived Braden being out of town for work the first week, we're settling back into our post holiday routine pretty well. 

My new Bible Study guide from She Reads Truth arrived!!
I used some Christmas money from Braden's grandparents to order the Hebrews study guide and have not been disappointed. I love how it directs my attention straight to the words of scripture.

Thus far in Hebrews, I'm just in awe of how worthy Jesus is of all praise.

While I was preparing to sit down and have my devotions this morning I heard a little voice calling, "Mama, I'm ready to wake up!" This little ray of sunshine was my morning buddy and sat drinking his smoothie and listening quietly when I read today's chapters out loud. Love my buddy!

After breakfast Ryder found that Lynden had gotten himself stuck under the couch, and pulled him out. That was so much fun for both of them that he pulled him all over creation, laughing hysterically at Lynden's giggles.

This is the stuff everyday life is made of. 
It's too good to make up.

Dixie has become Ryder's cow-dog. 
He rests himself on her and shouts 
"Giddy Up Giddy Up!"

What a good sport she is.
Pardon the lack of pants, this was immediately after a nap.

A nice hot bath rounded out the evening.
Days like today, when I can get down to kid level and just play, read stories, and use my imagination are just what I had in mind when I set my goals for the new year.

I'm looking forward to what the next eleven and a half months will hold. 
Never a dull moment, I can be assured of that, thanks to my two cutie pies. <3

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