Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Making Time For Quiet

It's SO Important!

As a Follower of Jesus.
As a Mama.
As a Wife.

Life can get so chaotic around us. 
Busy, busy busy with no end in sight!
I always have multiple projects on the go: piano lessons to prepare, Etsy orders to complete, 
dinners to cook, people to keep in touch with, errands to run... 

But making quiet time with a priority keeps me fuelled for everything else I do.
So it tops my list.

Earlier in Spring I shared my first devotional of the year by

I love She Reads Truth studies because the focus is on God's word, and not someone's interpretation or feeling about it. 
Lets be honest, my quiet time is limited, so I need to get the goods without a lot of other distractions.

Hebrews was my first study of the year. 

Yes, those are scribbles from my toddler.
After all this is real life!
So much focus on Jesus as my advocate - better than all others before and since.
So much encouragement on the power of faith in the example of others.

I finished Hebrews a few weeks back and began a new study.
It's a Journible.

I had been given this beautiful journal by a sweet friend in 
Washington and somewhere in our move it got lost in the shuffle of books.

I recently came across it and decided to make it my next quiet time Bible study.
Once again, the focus is scripture - Romans.

Writing the words out for better retention.
Studying and then journaling through the text.

So, let me encourage you...
We're always going to have things to keep us busy.

Making time for quiet and study is rewarding beyond the few minutes it takes. 
Fill your soul with truth and be encouraged in every aspect of your life.
It's so worth it!

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