Monday, April 18, 2016

Ryder is 3!

I'm a few days behind, but we had company last week and so it's time to play catch up.
On Thursday we celebrated Ryder's third birthday!

Before Daddy left for work in the morning, we gave him his first big boy bicycle.

Our open floor plan is perfect for learning to ride a bike.

In the evening we celebrated with cake and more gifts from family.

This open mouth look is pretty standard for Lynden - little turkey!

Since then we've had tons of live music, games of ring toss,

 a place to keep his colouring things organized,

and countless hours of Lego fun.

Ryder boy, you are a special gift from God.
We love your inquisitive mind, love for learning, and the joy you find in everyday life.
You are our big helper and a super big brother.

We love you Ryder boy!

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