Friday, April 29, 2016

The Never Ending Project

About 6 months ago I started thinking about what to do for Lynden's first birthday. 
I wanted it to be special and one of a kind.

Many hours on Pinterest later I settled on making him a quiet book.

I found tons of ideas and templates, 
I found a local small business to buy my supplies from, 
and then I got started. 

And now, over 100 hours later (and nearly two months after Lynden's birthday) I'm still at work.

My first two pages took the longest. 
Everything is sewn by hand.

This barn houses 5 different finger puppet farm animals.

The accompanying page gives a space for them to play and have a story told. 

Next was the rainbow.

The colours can be unsnapped and reattached and the cloud is a pocket to hold 
everything when not in use. 

My most recent page has these shoes. 
Everything needs to be sewn down still, then
I need to run out and grab a pair of laces for them.

 And now that I've put all this work into it (with only 4 pages to show), I've come to the conclusion that it's really more Ryder's level than Lynden's. 

 Ah well, I guess that will buy me a little more time to finish a few more pages. 
This truly is a labour of love.

 I'm not sure why all of my projects seem to have this unending quality - but already I'm thinking ahead to the next one:
a new quilt for Lynden once he's promoted out of the crib. 

I'm thinking the next 3 months are going to keep me pretty busy!

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