Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break and...

Since we don't do any organized schooling with the boys yet,
Spring Break didn't change our schedule much
except for a week off of teaching piano.

Less structured days made for more fun time - 
like enjoying the crazy snowfall that came out of nowhere the day after Easter.

Ryder's throwing snowballs at the backdoor.

This little cutie had a fever and was a little cranky for a few days, 
so he stayed in and close to Mama.

I finally tackled the huge tub of ironing I've been putting off.
It's like having a whole new wardrobe without a price tag. 

And by the end of the week, these cuties were ready for a fun day in Reno.

On Saturday, I took a rare day off.
Sometimes as a stay at home mama it can be hard to step back 
and admit that I could use a little recharge. 

After Braden's last 3 week work trip I finally asked for a break and he was only too happy to be the cool Daddy for the whole day while I visited the spa for a deep tissue massage, 

treated myself to Cold Stone ice cream,

did a little 'fun' shopping,
(new knobs for the nursery dresser)

and got to enjoy a whole smoothie without sharing with little back-washers. 

And by the afternoon I was missing all 3 of my boys and ready to get back home 
and get back to the jobs I love so much.

Speaking of mothering, since we haven't made an 'official' announcement, 
Baby Apperson #3 will be making an arrival in August, Lord willing.

We couldn't be more excited!


  1. Jayne!! Happy news!!! ������
    And your day (and your simple pleasures, like no backwash lol!) sounds perfect. Going to have one of those days this Friday. Can't wait. ;)