Friday, June 3, 2016

A Lot Can Happen In 24 Hours

Ok, finally sitting down to recap you on the adventures of our road trip.

What originally was going to be a 14 hour drive split between two leisurely days turned into an all nighter, after Braden came home from work on Friday threw out the idea of driving through the night.

I was feeling pretty good (for a 28+ week pregnant Mama) and thought the extra time, plus having the boys sleep in the car all night sounded like a good idea.

Surprisingly, IT WAS!

Ryder and Lynden were champs. 
They both slept most of the night with minimal fussing.

I managed to stay awake at the wheel from 9-11pm and then from 1:30-5am (with the help of a lot of coffee and a little bit of ice cream) and we got to Seattle, WA on Saturday morning in time for breakfast.

Just for fun, we stopped at Green Lake Jewelry Works to have my rings cleaned (we're coming up on 4 years!) and then we headed to Barnes & Noble for some quality time.

Finally our sleepless night caught up with me and we headed up to Whidbey Island 
to check into our hotel. 

Of course, we couldn't turn down the Mukilteo Ferry. 

Ryder was beside himself with excitement to be on a real ferry boat.

Then after a much needed rest, 
bowling, pizza, and games at the Convergence Zone on base.

A lot can happen in 24 hours. 
It was a great start to our 10 day road trip!

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