Friday, June 24, 2016

My Latest Project

Sometimes it takes having my hubby out of town for a 
few weeks to motivate me to get started on a new project. 

Especially something as time consuming as a new quilt.

So, with quiet evenings, minimal meal prep, and clean up, 
I got to work on Lynden's new big boy bed quilt.

From cutting and piecing to assembling - it went pretty quickly.
Especially thanks to my beautiful new Bernina sewing machine.
Happy birthday to me from my sweet in-laws!

Now all that's left is the actual quilting.
But first I need to decide on a fabric for the back. 

I'll be sure to show off the finished product once it's complete.
But with my honey back home and family coming into town this weekend, 
I think it'll take a back seat.

How else do we entertain ourselves on these sunny summer days?

Daily walks.

There's my baby bump!

We're always keeping an eye out for lizards, rabbits, and 
any other fun desert creatures we might encounter.

Here's a little lizard friend. 
You could see exactly where his tail had come off and was regrowing.
How's that for a natural science lesson?

 And these two cuties just can't get enough playtime with each other.
So thankful for brothers who are best buds. 

It always helps to cool off with popsicles too!

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