Friday, June 10, 2016

Our Canadian Vacation

Well, I lost track of documenting each stop along the way at about this point.

I was having so much fun seeing friends and family that I forgot to pull out my camera and preserve memories in photo - but, we saw many dear friends and toured my uncle's dairy farm (where my Dad grew up) while north of the border.

One of the big highlights of our trip was spending a day visiting my Grandma (Oma, to the boys) and Great Aunt Helena.

Here they are with Aunt Helena - after playing all morning with her fun vintage toys.

At Grandma's house we had to play a game of Scrabble for old times' sake.

She had some pretty fun old toys tucked away in a closet as well.

We sure do love and miss Oma.

And so many members of our extended family got together for a Duerksen brunch gathering. 
We were glad to see so many and can't wait to live closer again.

One last picture with Oma

and Auntie Joanne, who was a great host for the week.

Finally it was time to get back on the road home. 

We didn't attempt the drive straight through again, 
and broke the trip up into two days on the road with these traveling champs.

Pretending to sleep - and actually sleeping.

We stopped to stretch out legs at an outlet mall on the way home. 

While I was browsing, 
Daddy sniffed out the cotton candy vender and gave the boys their 
first experience of this sweet fluffy treat.

A request from Ryder to dip his toes in the water couldn't be passed up as we were driving through Klamath Falls, OR. 

Everyone stayed healthy and the van gave us no trouble at all.
We were so blessed to see loved ones over the course of our vacation.

And finally, 
Home Sweet Home!

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