Thursday, June 2, 2016

We're Back!

Well, we successfully navigated through a 10 day road trip, 
putting more than 1,500 miles on our old van. 

We drove through Nevada, California, Oregon, touched the corner of Idaho, and Washington 
before finally reaching Beautiful British Columbia. 

So glad that we were able to visit many friends and family while in Canada. 

We even got away for a date night just the two of us - something that hasn't happened since travelling to Spain to see Braden coming home from deployment over 2 years ago!

And this is what we had waiting for us upon returning home. 

The rain and clouds in BC were a nice break from the warm weather that's starting to become the norm down here at home. 

But, part of settling back in at home is enjoying the long sunny days.
Time for a walk!

Stay tuned for trip news and pictures in the next few days once we've caught up here at home.

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