Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Week With The Cousins

After our big road trip up to Canada a few weeks back, my sister and her 
sweet kiddos made the long trek down here to our desert for a week.

We all loved the fun company and Ryder especially enjoyed having 
home based friends to play with every day.

We planned a few local outings to share our Fallon life...

A sunny beach day at Lake Tahoe

Lynden took a few minutes to acclimatize to the cold water, 
but after that he had as much fun as the rest of them.

Abigail was definitely the most adventurous swimmer.
How's that for a picturesque backdrop?

Ryder preferred solid ground under his feet.

Next we toured the base and even got to go out to the flight line to watch a few jets taxi and take off.

No cameras allowed there, but we could get up close to these planes which also served to shade the kids from the hot Nevada sunshine.

Can you see them?

A day in Reno was also in order.
We enjoyed the beautiful Truckee Riverwalk.

Ryder's most recent favourite request is to dip his toes in water. 
The other kids were only to happy to join in.

We found our way to the Old Granite Street Eatery for lunch.

Even with all of the adventures, we were able to have a pretty relaxing time with quiet evenings.
Braden and I were spoiled with the best babysitter for a fun date night - coffee & throwing a frisbee in the park - just the two of us! 

 We sure are going to miss our Canadian cousins!

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