Friday, May 15, 2015

Boys' Rooms Complete!

Happy Friday!

I'm back! I took a day off yesterday to complete a few orders from my Etsy shop, but got back at it today. It was high time to go through and tidy each boy's room, so those were my projects today. 

First off, Lynden's room. The trouble with Lynden's room is that it used to store all of my sewing/crafting supplies - actually, it still does. I just bought clear plastic totes and organized everything in his closet when he arrived. Unfortunately, I can get lazy sometimes and leave my things out instead of putting them away neatly when I'm finished a project. Plus, with some new fabric gifted recently (thanks Darcey!) I didn't have a spot set aside for it yet and it just found a home on Lynden's change table. 

Enter motivated Mama, and....voila! 
Room once again organized and tidy.

Oh, and let's not forget the 'baby t-isses.'

The same thing went for Ryder's room, except his mess tends to be of his own doing. So we made his bed, picked up clothes, emptied the laundry basket together, and then I decided to repurpose an old crate that was just storing extra diapers, wipes, and bedding, into a little bookshelf. Previous contents were tucked into his closet and we're now in business. 

I have a feeling that his new messes will be books all over the floor. This little guy loves to 'read.'

 Half way through our clean-up, Ryder decided that he wanted the rocking chair in his room. This little guy is already king of distractions when it comes to getting work done. :)

 And that's that!  I'm considering unloading, cleaning and organizing my kitchen pantry next. Anyone else been putting that one off?? :S

Stay tuned...

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  1. Everything looks great! You are inspiring me to get on it around my own house! :)