Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 3 - This Time A Success!

After yesterday's unsuccessful attempt to get my laundry room in order, I decided to choose a much less difficult task to complete today. I need that feeling of success at the end of my day. With that in mind and also preparing to dog-sit for a couple of days, I chose Dixie's room to deep clean today.

If any of you need proof that we really truly live in a desert, here it is!

Floors were swept and mopped, food bowls dishwashed, shoes straightened, crate and bedding cleaned, nasty dog-nosed window wiped, etc. and we are back in business!

Much better!  Though I'm not sure why Dixie is looking at me like that. You think she'd be loving her new clean room and not looking all sheepish.

I even found a few minutes of time to plant my second raised vegetable garden box. This one should grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, cantaloupe, and watermelons. My other box has shoots coming up nicely. Not exactly in nice neat rows though, thanks to the chickens and my dog that got in there one too many times.

If all else fails, at least we'll have some kale this year!

And since it's been a little while since I swamped you with photos of the boys, here are a few recent shots. Ryder is up early and begged to hold Baby Lynden - he loves his brother so much, I couldn't turn down the request.

This little fella is just all smiles these days. <3


  1. I love this and the room looks great! Your posts are always so uplifting and the pictures are awesome. I almost feel like I get to visit you in your home and watch your boys growing. We miss you guys, so this makes your blog especially wonderful to me. <3

    1. Thanks Jana! I love keeping up with friends and family through my blog. So thankful for this opportunity to share our blessings with others.