Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Planes and More Planes

Today we went on a special outing. Our goal was to meet up with Braden for lunch, a rare occurrence, but while on base I decided to do some exploring with Ryder. Our first stop, after a very long walk, was the 'airplane graveyard.' One little toddler was so excited to see and be able to touch all of the planes and even a helicopter.

The only drawback was the sound of screaming jets taking off and circling overhead the entire time. Poor Ryder cried and clung to my leg every time the hum of engines turned into a roar, but towards the end he was getting brave enough to wave at each one, after all, "Maybe it's Daddy!"

Exploring the airplanes was followed by a walk to the park on base - so thankful for the built in canopy as the sun was out in full force - while I fed Lynden. Here there were cars to drive and slides to descend. 

Everything served to give him a hearty appetite (hooray for Mongolian BBQ) and tire him out sufficiently. In fact, we were barely out the gates and on our way home before he was sleeping sweetly.

Just another day in the life...


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