Friday, May 22, 2015

Growing My Garden

Yikes! I haven't posted since Monday, and I'm just not sure where all that time went!

I have a few ideas though...

1. A trip to Reno.

Being a big brother has it's perks - while I had to feed the baby at Target, Ryder got to share a frappuccino with Mama. BTW, did you know that Starbucks has a new 'mini' sized cup for their cold drinks? I'm a fan!

2. An outing to the library.

This time, Ryder was enthralled by the wooden puzzles. 

Those eyelashes!

3. Developing the habit of self-entertainment.

This one has been in the works for quite some time. We're still a long way from the goal, but Ryder is getting much better at playing on his own and coming up with creative ways to entertain himself - like this evening when he played 'Stack 'Em Up' while I fed Lynden. 

He managed to pile up 10 wooden blocks on his own. I think someone may have the Apperson engineering genes. :)

On another note, for any of you parents out there, I highly recommend these Uncle Goose wooden blocks. Not only are they MADE IN AMERICA (!!) but they're also beautiful basswood with educational letters, numbers, math symbols, and animals carved into them, and come with a canvas bag for quick and easy clean up. Definitely a toy worth having or giving to a friend. This set of Uncle Goos blocks was baby shower gift and Ryder has already gotten hours worth of enjoyment out of them. This is not a paid advertisement. ;)

3. Yardwork!

A few weeks ago, a sweet friend from church offered me some plants that were overpopulating her flowerbeds. Of course I couldn't turn her down. I know nothing about gardening in Nevada and so finding some plants that are already thriving here in this desert climate is just what I need. I came home with boxes of white and purple irises (my favourite flower), hollyhocks, lilac shoots, and a few more varieties that I can't name. Everything was free! I hurried home to get everything into the ground before a rainstorm hit. So far it seems like the plants are all still thriving. 

Ryder rode his tricycle on the driveway and Lynden dozed while I transplanted. I still have a bit more weeding to do, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow - weather permitting.

4. Enjoying the rain.

We've been praying for rain, and boy has it been coming down! The last few weeks have had more than their share of rain (no complaints from this West Coast native) and we've just been enjoying the sight and sound of falling water. The canals in town are also full and while we're certainly no Venice, it's great to see water flowing and know that the farmers are benefiting from it.

A stormy sky and full canal.
 Happy Friday One & All!

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