Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Progress Counts for Something

It's Day 2 - time to get started on the laundry room. It's one of the smallest rooms in our house, but the work that gets done there is some of the most important, especially with mess-making kiddos. While I don't usually have a problem with getting loads washed and dried, they do tend to sit in the basket waiting to be folded - for much too long.  As you can see, today is no exception. And this is just since this weekend.

Up here, my ironing baskets haven't been touched in a few weeks, other than pulling out and ironing just what I needed on Sunday. It'll feel good to finally see a few empty baskets and be caught up for at least a day or two.  Also hanging, I have some dress shirts that I picked up at the cleaners well over a week ago. Time to put everything in it's place.

Well, the day got away from me just a little bit. I made it through getting my kids ready, dropped off, and to the dentist by 8am. Things went downhill from there, though I did spend a few hours on the on today's goal. 

Laundry Folded & Put Away

Headway Made on My Ironing

A few things you should know about this picture:
1. This isn't all of it. I finished 15 items before Braden said he was on his way home from work.
2. Half of the shirts are Ryder's.
3. Ryder still has more dress shirts in his closet.
4. Ryder's Mama might buy him too many dress shirts...

The long and the short of it is that I tried to get my laundry room spick and span today and didn't quite make it.  But progress is still rewarding, even if I was a little too ambitious. That's the beauty of motherhood. One additional load of laundry was required today because after Ryder tipped over my water bottle and spilled my glass of orange juice, he decided to throw his creature in the toilet. Really?!  Haha, life with a toddler!

Anyone out there going to join me today in catching up on laundry and/or deep cleaning your laundry room?

 In other news, in an attempt to come up with interesting and not terribly unhealthy lunch snacks, I tried a new granola bar recipe today.  The only thing I changed was adding a cup of peanuts (maybe next time I'll try peanut butter too) and they turned out great.


  1. I am totally with you on the laundry room thing. Loved the pictures and your laundry room looks well organized. I want to paint ours and decorate it a bit, so it's a space I enjoy being in a little bit more. It's tiny. Also, I gave up ironing years ago. Now I hang shirts on the hanging rod in my laundry room and I keep a spray bottle full of water in there. As I pull laundry out of the dryer, I hang up the shirts and anything that still holds wrinkles, gets sprayed down and smoothed out with my hands, and then I leave it hanging to dry. It works beautifully and saves a lot of time and energy. Of course anything Braden needs for work would still have to be actually be ironed, but it's a great trick for everything else. :) Rich's work shirts turn out great and all of the kiddos dress shirts, as well. Your snack looks yummy! <3

    1. Thanks for the laundry tips Jana, I'll have to give that a try! I've definitely tried just throwing things back in the dryer for a quick tumble and shake but sometimes that just doesn't cut it. A spray bottle is a good idea and I'm up for whatever can reduce the laundry workload!