Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Trip to the Fire Department!

Whew, it's only noon and we've already had a day full of excitement!

Both Little Dipper and I survived a terrible long weekend with the stomach flu. My OB appointment this morning was great, now all I need to do is gain back the weight I lost. With a little time to waste, we headed stopped by a local cafe for tea (loose leaf organic orange creamsicle - whoever came up with that is a genius), a slice of apple berry pie for myself, and Ryder chose a beautiful chocolate cupcake decorated with colourful M&Ms. Don't worry, after taking a few pictures, I cut only about 1/3 off for him to enjoy and the rest is being saved in the fridge to share with Daddy tonight. 

Such a fun date with my little man!

After finishing our snack, we decided to enjoy the sunshine by taking a walk downtown. We had about 30 minutes before meeting up with our MOPS friends for our tour of the fire station.

All ready to hear about fire safety from Chief Mitch

My little poser

And back to the truck with this little cutie to head on home for lunch and a nap.  And on that note - I'm going to sneak in a little nap before Ryder's through with his.

Happy Wednesday!

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