Thursday, February 5, 2015

Two New Creatures Have Joined the Zoo

I've noticed that as the days and weeks pass, bringing us closer to the arrival of Baby Little Dipper, less and less gets accomplished. It may have something to do with the naps I try to sneak in while Ryder is having his afternoon. I anxiously await that nesting second-wind, because at this rate, the baby's going to show up whether I'm ready or not.  Hello week 37!

Ryder was my sweet shopping buddy on Tuesday. Everywhere we went, he saw hats and shoes, pants and socks - and wanted to try it all on, whether it was infant size or not. 

His reward?  A new pair of fuzzy brown bear slippers to keep his toes warm in our big cold house. We're working on names for these new creature friends, so comment if you have any suggestions. :)


Yesterday afternoon included another new milestone.  After his nap, Ryder begged to go play outside with Dixie and so I bundled him up and sent him out the back door. What followed was 30 whole minutes of uninterrupted exploration and play with our rascally little dog. The two of them have become fast friends and I certainly enjoyed a half hour of cleaning the kitchen and prepping dinner without the two of them underfoot. I sure do love to see my little boy growing up!  <3

On the menu for today... I have 4 Etsy orders to get started on, I plan to make a big pot of beet borscht for lunch (using up the last precious beet I received in my latest Bountiful Basket), and creamy homemade Pioneer Woman mac & cheese to accompany the pulled pork we smoked last weekend. 

Today I'm thankful for a hardworking husband, days to get stuff done at home, and the joy God gives in daily walking with Him. I am blessed!

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